Hymn Collective

Hymns for the Church, by the Church

Listen while you wait...

Our long awaited album is in the final stages of production. Hopefully, it will be wrapped up and be available soon. There's much to be excited about with this release. First and foremost, we have reimagined one of the most popular tunes from the Red Mountain music catalog, "It is Finished, part II (Hark! the Voice of Love and Mercy)". 

I wrote this tune way back in 2005 and while the Red Mountain recording is beautiful, my approach to the songs has changed over the years and the recording doesn't represent how I think about the song today. There is a nod to the Red Mountain version, but then it goes to a completely different place. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you though. 

In the meantime, we have released to smaller projects, both of which contain material that will be on the upcoming album. 

The first is a single entitled "Hold on to Me". The words and music were written by Ashley Self and it is a beautiful plea for God to support us through the darkest times in our lives.

The other project is "To that Bright World I Rise". This is a 3-song EP that started as an experiment in using some recording software and ended up being an outside-the-box brainstorming session for production ideas. It's a wee bit different than what we usually do, but I really like it. And it did provide a whole bunch of ideas that ended up being incorporated into these same tunes of the bigger project.

You can also find links to those projects on our music page. 

So I hope enjoy those tunes while you wait for this full album to be finished. Please help us out by sharing them with everyone you know!