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Hymn Session 1/9/17 - Zac Hicks interview

Our January Hymn Session featured Zac Hicks talking about his new book, The Worship Pastor. He spoke for almost an hour and there were lots of takeaways. Since it's hard to hear the questions (note to self: use a mic for the questions next time...), I've broken the recording up into bite-sized pieces with the questions transcribed above the clips. I'll also post the full recording below as well.

Q.1:  Can you share your story, where you’re from, how you got to Birmingham?

Q.2:  What is your job at Cathedral Church of the Advent?

Q.3 Can you talk more about liturgy, what you mean by that?

Q.4:  Let’s talk about the book. Can you give us some background, why you wrote it, how you came to the idea, the process?

Q.5:  One of the biggest things you talk about in the book is the worship service itself and the importance of the worship service in the life of the average congregant. Can you talk about that and how we as worship leaders should think about pastoring them through the service?

Q.6:  In the book, you take a broad approach to multiple types of churches and styles and you reference charismatic worship styles all the way through very traditional styles. How do you think the message goes out to a wide variety of churches?

Q.7:  One of the most important chapters is the last chapter, “Worship Pastor as Failure”, can you talk about that?

Q.8:  Can you talk about new music and art in terms of the role it can play in the modern church?

Q.9:  In addition to new music, how have you thought about the creation of new spoken or read elements in worship? 

Q.10:  How do encourage or develop new musicians and writers within your church?

Q.11:  How do you feel about altering or adjusting hymn texts when writing new music for them or using the texts as inspiration for new texts?

Q.12:  What are some books you feel are important for church musicians to read, or something, personally, you like?

Q.13:  Musically, what are you listening to these days, or what music inspires you? 

Q.14:  How would you pastorally encourage your musicians to pursue excellence in their craft?

Here's the full interview with no edits:

A big thank you to Zac for coming and talking with us! Please go buy his book

On February 13, we will have our regular session. 7 pm, at Red Mountain Church.

On March 13, Adam Wright, from the Corner Room, will be our special guest.