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Album planning has started!

When we started this thing up about 2 years ago, the first thing we wanted to do was record an album of these hymns we had been re-tuning. We were pleasantly surprised with how well the "Live at the Avon" recording turned out, but that was never intended to be a replacement for a full album. Honestly, it was just a placeholder until we had the time and resources to record. Well, it took longer than expected, but things are finally (!) moving forward on that front. 

We're just in the initial planning stages, but we're going to begin tracking our new album this summer with an eye toward a December release (just in time for Christmas!). 

In order to complete this project, however, we will need to raise some money. So, here are a few ways for you to get involved. 

1) House Shows - We are in the process of scheduling a bunch of house show fundraisers this summer. Most of these will be around Birmingham, AL and we'll be posting relevant information on our events page. If you are interested in hosting, just let us know and we can work out the details. We would love to come and share these hymns with new people.

2) Album Pre-orders - We will be accepting pre-orders for our album. Stay tuned to this page for information on that.  

3) Donations/sponsorship - If you would like to make a generous donation or if you (or your church) would like to sponsor this project, please contact us. We would love to talk with you about the specific ways you can help us make this record happen. 

4) Share - The biggest help of all is simply telling other people and churches about us and what we're trying to do. If you know someone that is passionate about hymn or church music, just point them to our website or have them email us at info@hymncollective.org

We're really excited to start work on this project and we can't wait to be able to share it with all of you.